How to Share Instagram Profile Link on WhatsApp

In today's world, Instagram is the most used social media platform. Instagram is used for many purposes, like for entertainment with talent and creativity shown by people. In addition, it is used for sharing memes and many posts with your friends and family, for communication by video call and chats, for advertisement and business startup, and for promoting the existing business. Also, For your business to grow, you need more followers, and for this, you can Buy Instagram Followers from the site

 It is downloaded by over one billion users worldwide; its popularity is increasing day by day with more new features and updates. If you want to share Instagram profile on whatsApp, here are the steps listed below. 

To Share Others Instagram Profile Link On Share Instagram Profile WhatsApp:

1. Open the Instagram official website or the app on your mobile phone, now login to your profile using your user name and password.

2. You will see a search option at the bottom-left corner icons. Click on that search button, now search with the user name of the profile.

3. Click on the desired profile, and their profile page will open in front of you. Now click on the three-button icon on the top-right corner of the page.

4. After this, a dialogue box will open with many options; you have to click on the 'copy profile URL' option in that dialogue box.
share instagram link on whatsapp 3
5. By clicking on the copy profile URL, the profile link will get saved on your device clipboard. 

6. Now open the whatsApp on your mobile phone, search for the person you want to share the profile.
share instagram link on whatsapp 4

7. Open the chatbox, and long-pressing the message box will paste the link on this. After this, click enter, and your profile link is shared.
share instagram link on whatsapp 5

To Share Others Instagram Profile Link on Whatsapp:

1. Open the Instagram app or website, log in to your profile and click on the bottom-right corner icon to see your profile photo.

2. Your profile page is open; now click on the three lines icon on the app's top-right corner.

3. You will see a dialogue box and there are many options to click; here, you have to click on the QR Code button.

4. Now you can see a QR code with your user name on it; on the top-right corner, you will see a button which is share icon; click on the share icon.

5. After this, a dialogue box will open again, and you will see different apps on which you can share this profile.

6. Click on the whatsApp option; your WhatsApp will open, and their search for the person you want to share the profile with, and click on the arrow down. Your profile is now shared.


These are the steps by which you can share the Instagram profile link of others and your own. You can share your and others' profile with many people and ask them to follow you by this. By this, you can also promote yourself and others' business.