How to Delete Search History on Instagram

How to Delete Search History on Instagram

Instagram a social media networking site, which is also known as IG or Insta, is one of the most entertaining sources for many social media lovers. This platform is about sharing and receiving pictures and videos with your friends and your other Instagram followers. You can also build up your own business on Instagram like selling your homemade skincare products and accessories. You can also post about your daily life routine and let people know about you. For this, you should have a good number of followers, which will help you grow your business and you can buy Instagram followers from

On Instagram, you can search for pictures of various places as people use the particular Hashtag of that location in the captions of their posts. You can also search for people on Instagram you know, only if they have an Instagram account. When you search for a variety of things on Instagram the search history section of the app gets crowded. You should clear your search history from time to time which will make it easy to search. Some Instagram users do not know how to clear their search history on Instagram. So here are the steps given to clear your Instagram's search history.

1. log in to Your Instagram Account on Either the Application or On Browser First, you have to open the Instagram app or Instagram on the browser. When you have logged out from your account, you have to log in.

You can log in to your account with the user name and password which you have set before. If you have already log in, you can continue from here and go for the next step.

2. Select the Profile Icon

After login, your account will open where you can see the posts of the people you follow. There you will see five options on the bottom of your screen which are home, explore, post, activity, and at the end profile icon. You have to select the fifth icon, which is the profile icon situated in the bottom right corner of your screen, which also shows your recent profile picture.

After this, you will look at your profile and can edit your profile from that option.

3. Tap on the Hamburger Menu And Clear All History

After this, you visit your profile option, tap on the three horizontal lines present on the upper right corner of your screen.

When you click, a dialing box will open, and you will get six options pop out on the screen from which you have to select the first option that is Settings.

After this, again you will get several options on your screen from which you have to select Security. Now another page will open, where you will find the option which is Search History, click on that and proceed forward.

You will be able to look at the accounts, places tags, and all the things you have searched for before. Now for clearing search history, you have to select the option clear all. Your search history is successfully cleared.

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